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SabrinaSabrina Wester
Treatment Assistant Coordinator


Ms. Wester has been a remarkable member of our Canopy Cove Staff for over three years.  She diligently attends to her numerous and varied responsibilities with both competency and enthusiasm.  Also, she is one of those people who gets a great deal done without ever appearing that she is rushing or distracted.  



Colleague Comments:
“We can always rely on Ms. Wester’s cooperative spirit”.
“Ms. Wester in one of those people who manages her responsibilities in a timely manner” and offers her help to others when needed”.


Client Comments:
“Ms. Wester makes our trips to the lab more positive”.
“I love to have Ms. Wester spend time with us during our free session”.

"It is rewarding to have Ms. Wester on our Staff."
-Mr. Brogdon, Dr. Brogdon


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