Summer Nutrition Tips, Part 2


If you followed the first summer nutrition tip earlier this week and spent some time in the sun, you probably also took advantage of this week’s tip without even realizing it. Spending time outside in the summer heat can quickly leave you searching for that perfect way to quench your thirst and cool your body down.   So what beverage is not only refreshing but also makes up the majority of your body? You guessed it – Water! Keeping your body properly hydrated is crucial to overall health, but getting enough, especially in these warmer months, can often be difficult. Below are some tips for increasing your water intake as well as some important reminders on why this nutrient is an essential piece of our makeup.

Dehydration, even its mildest form, can leave you feeling tired and lethargic.  Did you know that thirst is not always a good indicator of hydration status? You actually don’t start feeling thirsty until a percentage of your body is already dehydrated. This is why it is so important that you routinely drink a glass of water throughout the day to avoid any level of dehydration. After all, you lose water every day through perspiration, urination, and even breathing. Replacing the water lost is crucial and can come from a variety of different sources including sports drinks, fruit juice, flavored water, or just plain ol’ tap water!

Eating disorders can often attempt to get a person to under or over-hydrate themselves in an effort to disrupt the body’s normal way of functioning. Below are some of the many functions that water helps to carry out. If you find yourself struggling to accept your body’s need for proper hydration, I encourage you to refer back to this list frequently as a reminder of all that water allows your body to accomplish.

Because I choose to properly hydrate my body, water can:

  • Regulate my body’s temperature
  • Lubricate my joints
  • Lessen the burden on my kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products
  • Carry nutrients and oxygen to all of my cells
  • Prevent constipation
  • Protect my organs and tissues
  • Dissolve nutrients to make them accessible to my body

Make the choice today to treat your body well and give it all the nutrition it deserves, including water. Remember that we are honoring our bodies when we supply with all that it needs in order to do all that we ask it too!

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