A Tennessee Walking Horse
Foal Date: 2008

Marilyn is a black Tennessee Walking Horse mare foaled in 2008 whose registered name is Bold and Wicked. She has two birthmarks on her spine that are white, each approximately 1 inch long, and about ¼” wide.

She joined our family as a two-year-old as a performance horse and after a successful show ring experience, Marilyn was retired to “greener pastures.” She then joined our equine team at Canopy Cove in 2011, and quickly transitioned into her new position.

Marilyn has a gentle spirit and calm and shy disposition, dispelling her formal name of Bold and Wicked. She has developed a respectful relationship with her barn mate and herd leader Pushing Dollars and Sense. This is surprising because she previously operated as lead mare in her past herd.

Bred to World Grand Champion Bouré, she foaled a beautiful filly in October of 2012. This was her first foal and she has been a loving mom.